Events and Activity at Hare Krishna Temple

Fund Raising, Karvachaut, Radhastamy and many others

Krishna is worshiped in Hindu religion and Hare Krishna temples in different forms.

Radha Krishna, Nrisimhadev, Jagganath, Gaura Nitai, Salagram Sila and many others

Krishna Radhe
Ram Lakshman


Celebrating Events at Krishna Temple

Full year of celebrations at the Krishna Temple Milwaukee. Every Sunday evening 6:30pm CST as a gathering sing together

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Stay informed about our temple

If you are new, want to know about events or want to volunteer time at the temple you are most welcome. We also have pictures from previous events that we celebrated. The temple is welcoming to all and a good place to get started with your Spiritual journey.

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Learn more about Your Temple and also about Krishna. We welcome All to the temple irrespective of caste or religion.

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Upcoming Events

See what events we have upcoming at our temple and decide if you want to celebrate them with us.. See you at the event!

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Know your Temple

Krishna Temple of Milwaukee is a happening place, with many devotees visiting the temple at different times. Learn more about the temple.

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Start viewing our gallery of images and learn more about Krishna Temple.

Our image gallery is a fraction of the pictures displayed. You can visit our Facebook page or youtube channel to see recorded events. You can rely on our Devotees experiences and create a beautiful and efficient atmosphere.

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Few words from our Krishna Devotees

You can read below a few experience testimonials from our Devotees. Of course there are many more Devotees you will meet and learn about their expriences they encountered in their Spiritual Journey.

I enjoy singing Maha Mantra and attending the pujas. It makes me a better person. I especially like playing on the swing and the park.

Hari Bol

Totally recommended. My visit to the temple has improved me personally in many different ways. Chanting the name of God, hearing to expriences and my own experience has changed me a lot.

Nicolas Richter
Hare Krishna

Happy Place, Get to a different experience. Singing along the Maha Mantra is so exciting.

Susanne Blake
Hari Bol

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